Is that a halter?

Apres-front I'm knitting away on Apres Surf and have finished the front shaping and am continuing to knit to get the correct armhole depth.

The back stitches are still hanging out on the needle, so it looks like I'm knitting a halter.  That would be fun in a wool/angora/cotton blend wouldn't it?  Talk about unclear on the concept.

This week was a long one, but I did get to watch a bunch of Canadian television as many of my layovers were close to the Canadian border.  I also noticed it was fall in the northern states when I froze my patootie off at 5 a.m.  Awesome.

Perhaps this awakening realization of fall has me hankering to knit a fair isle yoked sweater in odd colors – because that's how I roll.  I've loaded up my basket (for now) at Knit Picks with Fjord Heather, Tangelo and Caution as well as Knitting Around and The Opinionated Knitter (which I somehow don't own!) as their books are 40% off right now.  Some nut job has The Opinionated Knitter for sale on for like $80.  Hey knucklehead, it's $17 right now at Knit Picks.  I digress.

I think it might be a bit dumb to buy yarn right before attending New York Sheep and Wool, but again, that's how I roll.  Can anyone UN-enable me before I hit purchase?! (Please don't try too hard.)


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  1. Sil, wait.
    It’s knitpicks. That yarn will be there whenever you want to order. Wait till after you’ve seen what there is to see in New York. Then if you must, order from those knitpicks people with the bad customer service and fucked up shipping.
    Nice halter, btw.
    /runs like hell

  2. I just came over from Wendy’s blog. I haven’t had the chance yet to look at all your pictures and visit old posts, but I did look at all the items posted that you made. And WOW! They are awesome. I’m inspired! I need to start sewing again too. Thanks for the lovely blog. I’m looking forward to checking in in the future.

  3. Don’t do it!Save your shopping for Rhinebeck. You’ll probably find plenty of vendors with yarn in weights and colors you like for something fair isle! Cookie’s comment was priceless.

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