The Elements of Fire

Fire-elements After I get home from Rhinebeck, I'll begin costuming in earnest for the rapidly approaching Halloween holiday.  My lovely fake niece Zoe will be a Fire Princess to her best bud's Ice Princess this year.  How freaking cute are they, with a theme and all?!

Rest assured, I'm only in charge of Zoe's Fire and behold my stack of fabric possibilities.  I see all the elements of fire there:  shantung, satin, foil lame and something akin to "novelty" yarn in fabric form.

I see flames licking at my sewing machine already.

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  1. Reminds me of the year my then 9 year old daughter wanted to be a spider princess. While all her little friends wore pretty pink princess costumes, she was decked out in a deep purple velvet dress with a long blond wig in which we hot glued 100s of plastic spiders. It was topped off by a tiara with a black widow.
    She won the neighborhood costume contest that year.
    Your neice is lucky to have you to create her fire princess costume and support her imagination.

  2. That is quite the fabric stash you got going there! That niece of yours is lucky–fake or not.
    Um, do you know any decent dressmakers in NYC? I’m sure that they’re here, I just don’t know how to find them.

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