Rhinebeck – check!

Sock-yarn Rhinebeck was great.  That's my review.  What?  You want a bit more than that? Ok, here's a partial list:

Perfect crisp fall weather, lots of friends and socializing, yummy dinner at the CIA, a trip to the best beer store ever, a tour of the Vanderbilt Mansion, blue ribbon photography, diner breakfasts and of course cheese.

There was a small bit of bad, I got total and complete laryngitis on Friday night.  I know!  Sucks!  I couldn't talk, I just nodded and smiled during conversations, and forget the phone.  Awful.  Today I sound like a crone/voice changing teenage boy, so that's probably a step forward.

Cormo-chestnut Now for the goods!  I of course replenished my soap supply from the wonderful Got Soap booth.  That stuff is so wonderful I take it with me on every trip, all over the world.  That soap gets around.  The sock yarn is represented by two (?) skeins of yummy soft spumoni/Japanese girl colorwayyarn (two skeins for four socks = there is a plan to be revealed soon), and one skein of the Noro Sock Yarn I've been meaning to try. That Noro is not at all soft so I'm hoping for the best once it's washed.

I swung by the cormo booth (of course – I'm addicted) and found the most beautiful gray/cocoa colored cormo cross overdyed in subtle shades of warm brown from Foxhill Farm.  I love her cormo yarn, and if you've never touched cormo you're missing something.  I always laugh when people say wool is "scratchy" because they don't know cormo.  I bought enough for a sweater plus one skein because if you've been around for more than five minutes know I always run out of yarn.  This is impossible to "reorder" so extra was stock up upon.

For those wondering about Apres Surf, I'm still working on the second sleeve and I should have that sweater done very shortly.  Honestly I couldn't be bothered to make myself crazy to finish up this nice sweater.  I want it to be nice and tidy, not craptastic.


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  1. Sorry you lost your voice. I was afflicted by major skin allergies. Oh well. That’s the way of changing seasons I suppose. It was nice meeting you and your sister. Can’t wait to see your Apres Surf done. I’m inspired to make one of my own (even though I don’t usually do pullovers). I’m just trying to figure out what yarn to use.

  2. Wasn’t it fun? Although, I’d say the weather was a bit more than “crisp!” And, the Got Soap? I didn’t realize until I looked at their card–they’re located not that far from me! In fact, they’re in the town where my sister’s first apartment was, when she married my brother-in-law. Talk about a small world….
    I’m so glad I got to see you! However briefly.

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