Costume party!

Fire princess mosaic Zoe's Fire Princess costume is done and in the mail to her.  Go Post Office go!

We decided on a red dress with fire elements.  I opted to applique flames onto the skirt and bodice and added the fire fringe sleeves.  Those were actually Zoe's idea and I thought that was brilliant.

The fabric choice was poly shantung and I used the shiny side as the right side.  This is much nicer to use than that crap-tastic poly satin they try to sell you for costumes at the craft store.  I wanted to use Heat-n-bond to stick on those flames, but the adhesive was much too stiff to use for multiple flames.  I had to sew them on the old fashioned way.  I started using real satin stitch for the bodice flames, but I began running out of thread pretty darn quick.  I changed to a small zigzag to speed things along.

The pattern was adapted from a girl's dress pattern.  I took out the front yoke, added a waist seam and lengthened it to an appropriate princess length.  I think it came out cute enough for Miss Zoe.  I hope she likes it and saves me some Snickers.


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