Now that’s surfing I can get behind.


I'm furiously finishing projects at a pace commensurate with being off work.  Clearly this must come to an end because "no work no pay" is the order of the day. 


Apres Surf Hoodie (designer Connie Chang Chinchio - love her) is completed!  Yay!  I made no mods other than knitting the body and sleeves in the round. I also made the sleeves 1" longer because of monkey-armedness, but they would have been just fine without the added length.  I think my hood is a bit long, so if you're still making this one check that hood length as you're knitting.  You may find your head needs a couple less inches like mine would have.  Maybe your melon is larger, maybe not.

I used the yarn called for by the pattern (Rowan Cashcotton 4 Ply).  It's yummy and I got a deal on the discontinued colorway Imp on the ebay.  I used almost eight skeins to make the size 35.5" and it's very soft and slightly sheddy (hello angora is that you).  It's warm and pretty and I think I'll actually wear this sweater someday – (it's still darn warm here in CA). 

Back to work, where's my suitcase…