Who’s there?

Striped-sock <ring ring - ring ring>


"Scratchiest, most annoying sock yarn calling for Silvia."

Silvia:  "Awesome.  Sold!"

This may not be exactly how I came to buy a skein of Noro The World of Nature sock yarn, but buy it I did.  I love the colors of the Noro yarns and saw some pretty socks made from striping the color sequences on the RAV.  Here's a nice review of this yarn found long after I bought it.

I can do that!

Uh, yeah.  I can do it, but WTF!  OK, I knew the yarn wasn't the softest when I bought it but the yarn itself is a single that is overspun and kinks back on itself when you're knitting.  I am constantly untangling the yarn from itself.  This annoying tendency is compounded by my having rolled the skein into four equal balls for the striping of the two socks.  I'm have trouble keeping my balls straight! (There's a google hit if ever I wrote one.)

Are you now thinking, but they're very cute and autumnal?  Yes, they are.  But if I have to scrub any pots or pans, I can wear the completed socks, step into the pot and dance a merenge.  Awesome indeed.

Because I am not a quitter and refuse to be bested by these socks, I WILL complete them.  I may not WEAR them, but complete they shall be.  I will also use up every darn inch of this yarn so I don't have to see it sticking to itself anymore.  Hah!

In case you're wondering, I used a crochet provisional cast on, made short row toes and heels and my stripe sequence is 4 rows long.


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  1. You’re a better man than I am. There’s no way I could have knit that pattern. Just making a pair of socks out of that stuff was hard enough for me.
    Don’t let the socks win, Sil!

  2. They really are pretty aren’t they? I love the colors, but I just can’t bear the thought of working with that scratchy yarn. So I knit vicariously by those who are made of stronger stuff than I. I sure will enjoy watching the colors develop (on your needles)!

  3. I’m working on a pair very similar to that right now – same yarn, same short-row heels and toes, just doing two-row stripes. I love the way they look, and having just finished the first one, I find it only the tiniest bit scratchy on my foot. Everything I’ve read says this yarn is supposed to soften up, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.
    I totally agree about the stuff sticking to itself. I’m glad I was too lazy to divide my ball into fours – I went for only two and may end up with a bit left over, but struggling to keep just the two strands untangled is plenty for my taste.
    Sorry I don’t comment more often, but I’m a regular reader and I enjoy your blog!

  4. Don’t know about knitting socks with this kind of yarn, but I made a shawl and the yarn knitted up very nicely. A Eucelan bath softened it up considerably. Don’t know about socks out off this yarn, though. Doesn’t feel tough enough for my taste.

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