Don’t flannel me buddy!


If I could wear flannel pajama pants in public or to work I would.  Honestly people, if you wear those pjs out in public we all judge you.  And it’s not pretty.  Luckily (for the world) I feel compelled to wear some sort of outwear in which to run about.

What makes me want to risk public humiliation is the yummy comfort of my flannel pj pants.  I’ve been making these for donkey’s years, so many of those who know me have a pair.  Male, female, animal, vegetable – I’ve made lots of them.  I only drafted one pattern, so all the people in the world have no choice of size.  Well really, they have no choice of fabric or print either, but whatev.

Today’s batch of pj pants are cotton flannel (of course).  The bottom pair is covered with cowboys and cowboy paraphanelia and has the words “Giddy Up!” hither and tither.  The second pair is covered in squirrels, wait for it, holding nuts.  Positive and negative space squirrels and nuts.  Serious freaking comedy.

See what happens when it gets cold in my world?  Scary time!


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  1. My mom sews those for DD, usually with a Chinese print or sushi. The Chinese take-out cartons print looked pretty weird as pj pants, but then they would have looked weird anywhere (what *were* the designers thinking?).
    My favorite flannel is that heavy double-sided stuff from Gohn Bros. Wonder if I have any in the stash?

  2. You are so multi-talented.
    Yes, we do judge those people. Out here in the burbs, we see matching daddy and son jammie pants in public. o.O I always want to rescue the son because clearly he is living with some crazy people.

  3. That’s a great idea! I’m going to make some for my girls and myself. I’ve got a monkey and banana flannel in a pink background which I actually bought to back a quilt-to-be.

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