Oaks from little acorns

Orange-socks I did finish one Noro Kuryeon sock and washed it.  It's softened up some, but still.  Meh.


Carolyn and I have some orange and pink sock yarn that we're contemplating various socks to make as Wonder Twins.  The latest idea is the Oak Leaf sock pattern and it's hard to capture the oak leaves, but I'll post a crappy pic for your enjoyment.

Other than that, I'm at work all week so a sock is really the best I can hope for.  That, and a nap.

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  1. doesn’t it seem like there are a lot of yarnovers in this pattern? i mean, when i look at the sock on my needles and all the yarn overs, it doesn’t look like the picture in the pattern. are the yarnovers going to vanish when i put it on my foot?

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