Playing charades

Charade I'm leaving on another trip this afternoon after getting back from one yesterday.  Luckily I did have time for a bit of hotel room knitting.

Carolyn and I thought that the Oak Leaf Sock pattern wasn't working with our yarn and gauge.  Carolyn started Charade and liked the pairing so I ripped out the Oak and started my own little Charade too.  I think this works much better.

The variegation looks very pretty with the little herringbone texture.  Plus this stitch pattern is super easy to memorize which is perfect for the a tired girl.

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  1. This one looks much better, Sil. I think there may have been too much going on with the oak one. Ya know?
    I hope it’s a safe easy work week for you.

  2. I love the color of this yarn. I’m also knitting Charade…I love this pattern. A little more interesting than my usual stockinette but a cinch to memorize and pick-up whenever I have a minute.

  3. It is good to have a project like that on the needles (easy to memorize/pick up). I have a pair of socks right now that I am working on which require more attention and since I often need something more mindless they are taking forever!

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