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Statues I just came back from a nice week of work, and I'm one tired cookie.  During the week my farthest destination west was Denver and my farthest east was Dusseldorf.

I sometimes have a time remembering if I've been somewhere before.  If it's a domestic city I pretty much assume I've been there, and honestly I probably have.  Internationally I'm a bit better on details.  I don't think I'd ever been to Dusseldorf before, but it looked really familiar. Wurst Maybe it was the time change?!

Anywho, I only took a couple pictures in Dusseldorf (though the sunset in my header on this page was taken in Denver – that counts right?).  It was a bit dark and gloomy when I woke up from my nap in Dusseldorf.  It was also Sunday, which in Germany means pretty much everything is closed.  I know this practice is rapidly changing all over Europe, but not so much in Germany.

Candy Therefore, my shopping opportunities were limited (read no wool), but I found candy and sausages.  Success!  The fabulous statue was directly under my window of my hotel room in Neuss.  How wonderful to happen upon this art piece tucked away on the side of the hotel.  Nice thinking!

Now I've got napping and laundry to finish before Friday!


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  1. Every thing being closed on Sundays is just wrong. I wonder if the Louvre is still free on Sundays.
    Candy and sausage are two of the main food groups. I think you did well, Sil. All you’re missing is bread and wine. ;^)

  2. AWESOME! Wurst! Candy! Germany is a great place, very oddly familiar in a past-life regression sort of way. I felt that way too in Hamburg, a place I had never been before.
    And, if you ever go to Buchen prepare for some serious deja vu.

  3. Your ancestors memories, maybe!
    My daughter Cassandre has german blood on both side of the family, and wants to live there since her childhood. She’s actually an “au-pair” in Germany, in the center of a triangle Hanover – Hamburgh – Bremen.
    And as claudia, I felt at home in Hamburg…

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