Dresses are the new pants

Burda-dress I was inspired to sew up a dress the other day after seeing the cute stuff over at Joy's wonderful blog.  I especially loved her purple pullover empire dress aka Burda 7808.

So there I was, inspired and with a few days off work.  Hmmm.  Luckily I found some mystery gunmetal gray fabric in my garage stash that would work with Burda 7808.  I think it must be some sort of wool/rayon blend.  I didn't know if it was washable, but that uncertainty never stops me from shoving the fabric into the washer.  I hate dry cleaning so I pretty much always prewash fabric to make washable garments.  The gray fabric came out great, it had a slight wrinkle to it that I really liked.  BTW, the fabric is in no way shiny as suggested by the photos, it's just that my photos suck.

I think this dress has a slight Japanese aesthetic.  I love those Japanese patterns and books but am too lazy to decipher the Japanese directions and pattern.  I made many of the same mods that Joy did.  I skipped the sleeve plackets, made the giant collar smaller and skipped the side zipper.  I should have made the next size up since it's not exactly easy getting this up and over the melon, but it works well enough.  I also opted to add the slightly rounded gathered front pockets to hold my little trinkets and trifles.  Added later:  I also shortened the pattern about 2.5" as I wanted it to land in the knee area.

Another good thing about this dress, I took these pictures after wearing this on a cross country flight and it looks just fine.  Yay!  Good travel dress.  I've got alot of work flying starting now since holidays mean work for me.


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  1. Love the boots! Great look. And that fabric color is magical with your hair.
    The pattern looks Japanese-esque to me, too, but I can’t quite figure out why.

  2. Fashion is not part of my world (though I do have enough sense to leave the 80’s shoulder pads in the 80’s – I’m not that clueless). But damn. That dress is really cute and paired with boots it’s completely fab! And the color is great too.
    It takes a lot to wake up the teeny part of my brain that’s interested in clothing style but you just did!

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