Happy Birthday Claudia!


Some people have a great sister.  Some have great friends.  I am lucky enough to have both wrapped up Claudia.  Today is Claudia's birthday so please go wish her all the best.

In our birthday blog tradition, I've found a nice photo of Claudia (and me) from September 1978!  Those are both our natural haircolors!  Holy moley!  I'm pretty sure in 1978 we didn't get along all that well so this must be a rare photo during a cease fire.  Luckily Claudia and I chilled out and grew to be good friends.  Good, bad or ugly, my sister has my back.  That's pretty great!

Happy birthday Claudia!  Wishing you a fabulous birthday!  Much love, Silvia.

Preblogged because I'm currently flying back from Kuwait.  But that won't stop me from wishing my sister a happy birthday darnit!


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  1. Just wished your sis a happy birthday on her site, but I must say I love this photo of you two! I remember the fashions of that time all to well myself…love the pinafore Sil!

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