Don’t pay retail

Hats1 I am a great admirer of the slouchy hat trend we are presently enjoying.  I began last week to make up a quick hat with some leftover black stash yarn.  After copious amounts of ripping and actually finishing an abomination of a hat, I gave up and went to work for a week.

I had been bested by the slouchy hat.  Upon reflection, I decided that I didn't like the first slouchy beret because I looked like a victorian housemaid.  I then embarked on the "less slouch is more journey".

I found a cute hat on the Anthropologie website that would be great if it wasn't $38 for an acrylic hat.  It was a chunky hat and my yarn was worsted weight, but other than that it was easy enough to try to replicate.

I swatched, calculated and cast on while watching my 49ers lose (surprise).  I'm happy enough with the resulting not so slouchy hat.  A nice addition to my small hat collection.

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  1. Yours is wonderful! I made several slouchy hats for Christmas. I too tried to modify a pattern (deep sigh). In the end I used Le’ Slouch from Good pattern because you can modify the slouch to your liking.

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