Sweet as can be


Christmas is coming and that means I make caramel.  I plundered came across this recipe via my sister's blogRosemary (aka Spindlerose) has an awesome recipe she posted last year.  I've made it with great success, so you know it can't be hard.

I've made caramel for some gifts, and of course, eatin'.  I'm still wrapping them up so I can send them off.  I find a wrap 10, eat 1 ratio just perfect.  Aw go ahead, make some caramel!  Now I'm off to the gym.

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  1. Whoah, look at you go!! Those caramels looks pretty much perfect, dee-lish! I made fudge today, and then promptly ate a ton of it. We’ve had a big snow storm in Seattle, so we’re all housebound, no school for the kiddos, etc. A little too condusive to eating too much of pretty much everything….hmmmm, sounds like it’s probably a good thing I don’t have that amazing looking caramel sitting around here….it would probably be gone by now.

  2. I got everything out to bake the other day, then had to do some Real Work and ended up eating the package of chocolate chips and putting the eggs and butter back in the frig.
    Have you ever made fondant? Lots of fun. Cream centers!

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