Merry Christmas!

Lgw mosaic

Well for Christmas, Typepad just ate my post.  Awesome.

I'd recreate it, but I'm a bit jet lagged.  We had a good flight into London Gatwick today (24th).  I forced myself to stay awake and hit the shops before early closing this afternoon.  I only bought things for myself, so noone get excited.

County Mall here in Crowley, West Sussex pretty much has everything I'd need to survive indefinitely.  I found some paperbacks at WH Smith, a cute boho sweater on sale at Debenhams and tons of snacks/food/wine at Marks and Spencer.  Good times.

I started to walk about the High Street here in Crawley, but began flagging when the double espresso ran out of potency.  I did find a lovely church to admire with the requisite mossy walls and tower thingy.  I am content with the jetlag.

So before I run out of steam and internet minutes, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and best wishes to all.  Home (my sister's anyway) tomorrow for a tardy Christmas dinner and probably a coma :)  Kisses!


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  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks so nice and warm there. We got another 15″ of snow in the past few hours.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and good times!
    p.s. the caramels are to die for, thanks for that recipe – they’re a BIG hit.

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