Some knitting

Stack-o-squares Yay for being back home!  It feels like I've been gone ages.

Thanks for all the lovely Christmas wishes.  We had a nice Christmas and I even made it home from the UK in time to RUN for a flight to Boston to have some yummy Christmas dinner at Claudia's.  Kudos for clearing customs in record time.

I haven't worked on big, sweater type projects for ages.  I'm jonesing to pick up my worsted weight fair isle and get that going.  I may not have time since I've got to go back to work on the 2nd…Maybe if I don't leave the house or bathe today…maybe…

I did work on some blanket squares.  I've got ten completed.  I think I'll need 30 or 40 total, so that's good progress.  Rather than boring you with some unblocked blanket squares, I'll just post my Rav link to the project.


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