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Ok, that was a really suck ass week at work.  You can tell it's not going well when one doesn't even have time to blog in SEVEN work days.  I did get to meet one of our former presidents on our flight after that presidential alumni luncheon the other day, so that's always fun.  Sadly, there was no sock I could have made him hold.  Plus it would have been extremely unprofessional, so I wouldn't have done so.  Plus there wasn't much time.

Claudette-rectI did start the Claudette Hat (rav link) with the New Year's yarn I purchased.  The rectangle needs to block before the sewing up and picking up.  The yarn is super yummy Classic Elite Inca Alpaca.  The color is 1149 which is a rich teal.  Like my eyes, but not really.

Koolaid-socks Today I will also hank up the sock blanks I Koolaid dyed last week.  I kept it simple with just grape and cherry stripes.  Hello 80s.  I'm looking forward to seeing if I made stripes or just a mess.  I think that a pair of plain stockinette, short row heel and toe socks will do my soul a bit of good.  Sock therapy so to speak.  Happy happing.


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  1. ‘Fess up! I need to know!! For all the presidents left, I voted in each of those elections although maybe not for the president that was to be. I just felt a little sick saying that. You know how you can mentally understand what your age is, then all the sudden recall ALL the water under the bridge? Still want to know which Pres! Understand that you can’t say. How fun is your job?

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