Impossible to photograph

Claudette-hat-done I've finished my Claudette Hat (rav link) in no time flat, but have found it impossible to photograph the hat on my head.  Every photo is blurry or better still, the hat is not in the frame.  The straight arm method of photography leaves much to be desired.  I also am about to go the gym and have no makeup on.  That's how much I wanted to share my project with you friends.

I used about 1.5 skeins of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca.  I made no mods other than adding a few stitches in the swirl to keep it looking like I wanted.  I also did as the pattern mentions, and blocked the swirl bit with a heavy object over top (i.e my Artbin and my suitcase) to squish the swirly.  I like it better squished.  Other than the swirl, it's a basic beanie hat.  Easy, cute and fun.  Anyone else wanting to bring out their inner flapper?


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