Winter in California

Rivulet When I flew back in to California yesterday it was 71 degrees.  In January.  I know!  Global warming does have an upside every now and then.  Of course we have no water and will have to bathe with eye droppers in future, but today it's again warm and lovely and I shall enjoy it.

Despite the heat I am knitting with some wool.  I picked up the lovely cormo from Rhinebeck in the gingerbready color that is so yummy.  I originally thought of doing a plain stockinette cardigan and had alread completed the sleeves.  That idea stalled until last week.

I was running the halls of Ravelry and came upon Shannon Okey's Rivulet Caridgan pattern.  So cute.  It's a basic top down cardie, but when you turn around – Bam!  A cabled peplum of cuteness.  I grabbed those completed sleeves and started knitting the top down bodice.  No ripping and skeining.  That's for wussies.  My yarn seems to be playing nicely so far with the pattern.  Love that.

So despite the risk of heatstroke, I'm knitting up a warm snuggly winter sweater for my 71 degree winter chill.  Sorry everyone in those states with the arctic winter storm hitting them, at least you'll have water in the spring when all that snow melts.  I'll have a dirty car and no lawn…


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  1. Now that it’s January the warm weather doesn’t bother me as much as it does in December. Christmas is just wrong if you can wear shorts! I just got home from picking up my son at school and the car thermometer said 87 – it’s hard to feel sorry for us Californians right now, isn’t it?

  2. I keep putting on a coat to go outside, stepping out, stepping back in, hanging up the coat, then leaving. Hot out!
    That color is going to look gorgeous on you.

  3. What a great pattern! It just went into my favorites. And what a good girl, putting it up on your projects already! I tend to put things in only once they’re finished (red face)

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