Cormo as you are


Clearly I can't quite figure out what to do with this gorgeous ginger brown cormo.  After starting Rivulet I decided my gauge wasn't working with the Rivulet pattern.  My fabric was too stiff and my pattern recalculations weren't super accurate.

So I ripped it.


I loosened up the gauge and turned to Central Park Hoodie.  I'd wanted to make one since Norma wore hers to our dinner at the CIA at Rhinebeck this year.  So gorgeous and there are worse goals than to be like Norma.

Back to the size 7 needles and tubular cast on.  My gauge is pretty close to the pattern's (mine is 18 sts/4" and the pattern is 17 sts/4").  I'm adjusting by making the ribbing one size bigger than the body.  I've also added a tiny bit of waist shaping.  The back went rather quickly and I steam blocked it to determine if I liked it.  I do.  It's turning out well and should fit.  If it doesn't, I'll knit up 5" front button bands and you all need to pretend that looks good.

This poor cormo has been about six different sweaters at this point.  I hope all goes well for the yarn's sake.


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  1. Good luck with the cormo! I have some in my stash I haven’t decided what to do with yet.
    Don’t we all want to be like Norma? Especially when she gets to have sex all night.

  2. I hope everything turns out well with the CPH–maybe it will be your favorite sweater! My favorite sweater ever is a Must Have Cardi that I knit from Jo Sharp Aran. I had tried to knit 3 or 4 different patterns but for some reason did not like the results. At one point I thought all was lost but I washed the yarn and let it rest for a few months. I am glad I did not throw the yarn away! The funny thing is that I have four other sweaters knit with the same yarn but none is as soft and cuddly as the Must Have.

  3. So many people love the CPH!
    I’m glad you’re working WITH the yarn and not trying to force it into submission–the yarn always wins!
    And I guess Claudia is still in Hawaii–as I look out at well over a foot of snow–good for her!

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