Winter brights

Charade  On my flight home the other day, I pulled out my Charade socks and just started knitting.  One was complete and the other just had ribbing done.

By the time we landed in San Francisco I was ready to start the heel.  Yikes!  What took me so long to finish these?  Sloth, most probably.

Carolyn and I bought the same yarn at Maryland several years ago (2 maybe) and we are making the same socks with the same yarn.  Wonder Twins you know.  C – are yours done too?

The yarn is Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn and the pattern is the lovely Charade.  I used short row heels and toes (of course) and just followed the pattern otherwise.

What's my blog read pick on a cold winter day?  Try The Homesick Texan.  It's a pretty food blog with yummy recipes and pictures.  Of course I think a burrito is the most perfect food in the world.


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  1. I finished a pair of socks last month that had been lingering on my needles for a very long time (too long). When I finally sat down to finish them I wondered what ever took me so long in the first place. Funny how that happens!

  2. Not only are the socks beautiful, the picture pops out with such detail so I could really see the pattern–thanks!

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