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Mosaic dublin2 

I got disgustingly sick the day after returning from Dublin, but I'm feeling better and back on the feedbag so I'll toss up some pics of Dublin.  It's a pretty city and seems to have been entirely rebuilt in the 19th century.  And by the way, the weather was better in Dublin than back home in California (at least while I was there). Sure I had to buy a scarf in Marks and Sparks 'cause it's chilly, but it didn't rain more than once in five days.

Knitting soon! 

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Sweets and lace ribbons


I can officially deem my Central Park No-Hoodie a big success.  Today I actually wore it and didn't want to take it off, even when I began overheating.  Yay!  I may even bring it with me traveling this weekend.

Speaking of traveling, it's time for a bit of work this weekend and then a bit of play.  I need a travel project and didn't want just plain old socks.  Too Much Wool Cassie had a picture up of her gorgeous iteration of Veronik Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf that seriously tempted me.  Oh so fuzzy and lovely.  I wondered if there was anything in the stash that could be used for this project. (Must be prudent in these times, no?)

I found a gorgeously luscious skein of Tess Yarns Prime Alpacain a subtle variegated purple.  It's a smoky purple with hits of sparkling violet.  My photos on this overcast day are completely inaccurate.  Just imagine amongst yourselves.  I've got less yardage than the pattern calls for, but there must be enough there to knit up and wrap around a neck.

I've swatched and wound up this huge cake of yarn.  The pattern is going well, no mods and it's darn easy to memorize.  Perfect for traveling and drinking wine.

Central Park done!

Cph-doneDo you know I worked all weekend, had training (and passed my FAA yearly quals btw) and did NOT knit a darn stitch.  I had time here and there, but no, no knitting.

Does that mean I've got nothing for blog fodder?  Heck no people.  I live to please you.  I finished up the last bit of my Central Park Hoodie this morning and then left the comfort of my bed to find buttons.  See how much I care?

So here she is, Central Park No-Hoodie.  I would have made a hood, but of course I didn't have enough yarn for such a thing.  That's ok, I like the shawl collar I made.  I did have to rip one of the front bands once because of inaccurate measuring, but that didn't slow me down one bit.

Specs:  Yarn is a Cormo Cross from Foxhill Farms; pattern is Central Park Hoodieby Heather Lodinsky; mods are a 5" collar instead of a hood and waist shaping.

Comments:  The pattern is great – very easy and the result is a lovely, wearable sweater.  The fit is a bit snug, especially the sleeves, so go larger if you're thinking of making this.  I used tubular cast on and cast off for all double ribs - I love that polished rolled edge.  I made the buttonholes using One Row Buttonholes as described by M. Stanley in Knitter's Handbook.  The buttons are from Joann's and are 1 1/8" large.

You know what else is good about this sweater?  We're having a "cold" snap here in Nor Cal, so I can wear it!  Yay!

Hearts and flowers

Heart-clothI'm almost done with Central Park Hoodie.  I'm down to my last bit of yarn and have to now figure out how to knit the collar (no hood) and front bands I want.  Of course I want a big fold over collar and nice wide front bands.  The yarn may have another opinion.

I knit up a 6" collar and am now starting the front bands to see if that arrangement will work with my yarn amount.  If not, I'll rip.  Right now I'm thinking positively.

I've been working so I can't bring a big sweater project in my suitcase because of space considerations.  I did finish a small little dishcloth the other day.  I brought a couple of skeins of Sugar & Cream on sale and thought I'd knock a few cloths out for gifts.

This is a cute free pattern by Kris Knits with a Valentine's theme.  I used less than one ball of one of the pink stripey colorway and I think it's cute enough.  I'm not hugely into dishcloth knitting, but they're cute in presents and you can always use them to wash the car.  At least that's what I use them for.  In fact I may make another one…