Hearts and flowers

Heart-clothI'm almost done with Central Park Hoodie.  I'm down to my last bit of yarn and have to now figure out how to knit the collar (no hood) and front bands I want.  Of course I want a big fold over collar and nice wide front bands.  The yarn may have another opinion.

I knit up a 6" collar and am now starting the front bands to see if that arrangement will work with my yarn amount.  If not, I'll rip.  Right now I'm thinking positively.

I've been working so I can't bring a big sweater project in my suitcase because of space considerations.  I did finish a small little dishcloth the other day.  I brought a couple of skeins of Sugar & Cream on sale and thought I'd knock a few cloths out for gifts.

This is a cute free pattern by Kris Knits with a Valentine's theme.  I used less than one ball of one of the pink stripey colorway and I think it's cute enough.  I'm not hugely into dishcloth knitting, but they're cute in presents and you can always use them to wash the car.  At least that's what I use them for.  In fact I may make another one…