Central Park done!

Cph-doneDo you know I worked all weekend, had training (and passed my FAA yearly quals btw) and did NOT knit a darn stitch.  I had time here and there, but no, no knitting.

Does that mean I've got nothing for blog fodder?  Heck no people.  I live to please you.  I finished up the last bit of my Central Park Hoodie this morning and then left the comfort of my bed to find buttons.  See how much I care?

So here she is, Central Park No-Hoodie.  I would have made a hood, but of course I didn't have enough yarn for such a thing.  That's ok, I like the shawl collar I made.  I did have to rip one of the front bands once because of inaccurate measuring, but that didn't slow me down one bit.

Specs:  Yarn is a Cormo Cross from Foxhill Farms; pattern is Central Park Hoodieby Heather Lodinsky; mods are a 5" collar instead of a hood and waist shaping.

Comments:  The pattern is great – very easy and the result is a lovely, wearable sweater.  The fit is a bit snug, especially the sleeves, so go larger if you're thinking of making this.  I used tubular cast on and cast off for all double ribs - I love that polished rolled edge.  I made the buttonholes using One Row Buttonholes as described by M. Stanley in Knitter's Handbook.  The buttons are from Joann's and are 1 1/8" large.

You know what else is good about this sweater?  We're having a "cold" snap here in Nor Cal, so I can wear it!  Yay!


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  1. Woo-hoo! Great colour – very autumnal. Assuming you get such a thing in California, of course! (I read somewhere that you have 11 months of summer and January)

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