V2787 I really really want to make Vogue 2787, a reissued vintage pattern from 1948.  I've even got two kinds of polka dot material from which to choose.  The front runner is some cotton (?) voile in a dusky lavender with medium white dots.  The other choice is a pretty navy crepe with tiny white dots.  I'm leaning toward the purpley material myself and definitely want dots.006

So why don't I just get on with it and make it already.  Time, of course.  My days off are in short supply for the next few weeks.  Spring fever will have to wait.

Why the sudden interest in 40s dresses?  Netflix!  They've got some fab noir movies available and I've watched The Maltese Falcon (1941) and Murder, My Sweet (1944) in the past few weeks.  Can you believe those costumes!  Love!  I may just have to watch The Big Sleep (1946) to push me over the edge.

Now if only Netflix can call my job to give me more days off!


Dropping into spring


I'm calling this a spring sweater, even though it's made of wool.  Deep V-neck and 3/4 sleeves are not depth of winter features. This is my Drops 113-33 a nice free pattern from the nice Garnstudio website.  Go ahead and poke around, they've got lots of cute ideas.

The yarn I used for here was some Lana Grossa Merino Big wool that I'd had in the stash.  This is a lovely sproingy wool and knits up super soft.  I'm glad I've got even more in the stash. <hee>  The color is a true vibrant turquoise that will hopefully wear will with denim and springy prints.  I had 10 skeins of Merino Big (1300 yards) which sounded like alot, but I didn't end up having enough wool to make long sleeves.  I gingerly knit up the sleeves with the remaining hanks, knitting both sleeves simultaneously to make sure they'd be the same length.  I had to guesstimate how much yarn to reserve for sleeve caps and I've got about 10ish yards remaining.  Not too bad with the guessing.Drops-close

The pattern calls for knitting the body in one piece up to the armholes and I couldn't think of any reason not to do that.  I did monkey with the body length a bit (I made it longer) and ended up with one buttonhole above the V-point closure.  I briefly thought of sewing it up, but it's a one stitch buttonhole and not too noticeable.  I'm going to ignore it and it'll go away.  That works for many things in life.

I even liked knitting up the lacy bits!  I know!  Perhaps there's more lace in my future.

Hanging around

Mia-sky Ok, time to fess up.  My Drops sweater is all done with the knitting.  I only have one more sleeve to set in and buttons to buy and sew on.  See it hanging over the back of my chair?  Didn't do it today.  Just didn't.  I did my alarmingly huge pile of laundry instead.  I also ordered watch batteries for all my dead watches from the most efficient online battery purveyor ever.  Honestly, they've already shipped my order.  So not like my Knitpicks order (still pending, sigh)…

Scone-and-sweater Are you asking why I'm suddenly fixing all the watches I bought at the $10 store over the years?  Because crew is now required to wear watches.  'Kay.  I can accessorize!  Plus I wear one anyway (only at work though – not in civilian life).  I was feeling environmentally guilty for not fixing my cheapo watches, hence the ordering of very reasonably priced watch batteries from Battery Bob.  Battery Bob is in Miami so I'm tossing up a picture of downtown Miami taken from my layover hotel room just last week.  Florida has good cloud formations.

This post is turning into a six degrees of Kevin Bacon isn't it?

OK, enough informative insight into the minutiae of my life.  Lets talk food.  I came upon a Raspberry Drop Scone recipe over at Everybody Likes Sandwiches.  It's whole wheat and easy.  I've had raspberries in the freezer wanting to be sconed up, so I made this up in about 10 minutes.  They are freaking delish.  Run, don't walk to the baking room!

Tomorrow I'll finish that sweater.  Pinky swear.

Is that spring?

Nectar_2d_3d Spring is alive and well in California, so my thoughts have turned to spring sweaters.  I've wanted to check out the Nectar book by Kim Hargreaves for ages.  The sweaters featured are lovely and a cut above many of the spring and summer offerings around.  Now this is book is on the pricier side ($30-ish), but my birthday just came and I thought buying a copy would be just the right present.  (I bought mine from the Kim Hargreaves site, but you can find it from many sources.)RippleX3

My first Nectar project is planned to be Ripple.  That front bodice really appeals, kind of like a tuxedo sweater.  The yarn featured in the pattern is RYC Classic Bamboo Soft.  I rav-ed the yarn and saw that some folks found it splitty (the bamboo factor I'm guessing).  Since splitty would drive me mad, I thought I'd look about for a similar weight yarn that's non-splitty.  Maybe something with silk :)  Bamboo Soft is gauge 23 sts x 30 rows.  Any ideas?  Has anyone used Bamboo Soft and found it ok?  My local store doesn't have it so I can't touch it.

Back to work, my week ends Sunday night (fingers crossed)!

Wanted: 2 Sleeves


Drops 113-33 (catchy name, eh?) is moving along at a blistering pace, wind aided by me being off work this week.  As you can see above, the body is done.  I've still got all those ends that need seeing to.  And let's not mention those sleeves.  What sleeves?!  I've got 3.5 balls of wool left (420 meters) so I've got enough left for at least 3/4 sleeves.

I also shorted the body a tad and ended up with a random buttonhole well above the part of the placket that should (or even could) button.  I think I'll just sew a button on and call it a design feature.  Probably no one will even notice, or maybe they'll think I did it on purpose.  Or I'll just ignore it and it'll go away.  That always works.

In happy computer news, my newish laptop had it's video card go.  It went during The Maltese Falcon (awesome movie btw – and on Netflix instant watch), so I've got the tech coming to fix the darn thing.  Luckily I bought that full extra long, everything is covering from theft to soda spills warranty so I'm already getting some use from it.  Somehow that doesn't seem so satisfying now that I think on it.

Sleeve on!

Stash turquoise

Turq-drops1 In these lean, mean times it's high time I stash dove for a project.  I've had some pretty turquoise Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big aging in the garage and wanted to find a project that suited it.

Cool Wool Big is a very sproingy yarn and the color is rather bright, so not just any pattern would suit it.  I trolled Rav and found Drops 113-33.  It's even a free pattern, so this may end up being a super stashbuster sweater.  I liked this pattern because it had a vintage feel to it that paired well with this bright yarn.  Also, although I plan on long sleeves, if I run short of yarn I can shorten those sleeves to bracelet or 3/4 and it won't look bizarre.

The photo here is the unblocked lace bit at the bottom of the cardie that went rather quickly.  The boring stockinette bit isn't too long and will be a nice thing when I watch some dvds and get over some jetlag - knitting and dvd watching on an off day is a super thing to me (btw).  Boring may be good for me today.

Snow and lace


Since much of the southern and eastern US is enjoying snow, I luckily got stuck with my crew in Fort Lauderdale for over a day enjoying those 80 degree temps.  Doesn't look much like snow in my photos does it?Laceclose1

As for knitting, I'm still plugging away on the Lace Ribbon scarf.  Since scarf progress shots are akin to watching paint dry, I'll show you a closeup of unstretched lace in the sun so you can enjoy the pretty alpaca colorway.  It's a subtle purple variegation and as soft as a kitten.  That of course is harder to see.

Stay warm.