Stash turquoise

Turq-drops1 In these lean, mean times it's high time I stash dove for a project.  I've had some pretty turquoise Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big aging in the garage and wanted to find a project that suited it.

Cool Wool Big is a very sproingy yarn and the color is rather bright, so not just any pattern would suit it.  I trolled Rav and found Drops 113-33.  It's even a free pattern, so this may end up being a super stashbuster sweater.  I liked this pattern because it had a vintage feel to it that paired well with this bright yarn.  Also, although I plan on long sleeves, if I run short of yarn I can shorten those sleeves to bracelet or 3/4 and it won't look bizarre.

The photo here is the unblocked lace bit at the bottom of the cardie that went rather quickly.  The boring stockinette bit isn't too long and will be a nice thing when I watch some dvds and get over some jetlag - knitting and dvd watching on an off day is a super thing to me (btw).  Boring may be good for me today.


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  1. That is a great pattern choice for the color.
    I never realized that a big city had grown up around the Alamo. Interesting shot.

  2. Kudos to you! I think using stash yarn for a free pattern should receive bonus points. After tallying my total yarn purchases last year I am making an effort to knit more from my stash.

  3. Thanks for the pattern link! I have some beautiful aplaca in my stash that I think would be great with the pattern, and I think I might have to go stash diving this evening!

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