Is that spring?

Nectar_2d_3d Spring is alive and well in California, so my thoughts have turned to spring sweaters.  I've wanted to check out the Nectar book by Kim Hargreaves for ages.  The sweaters featured are lovely and a cut above many of the spring and summer offerings around.  Now this is book is on the pricier side ($30-ish), but my birthday just came and I thought buying a copy would be just the right present.  (I bought mine from the Kim Hargreaves site, but you can find it from many sources.)RippleX3

My first Nectar project is planned to be Ripple.  That front bodice really appeals, kind of like a tuxedo sweater.  The yarn featured in the pattern is RYC Classic Bamboo Soft.  I rav-ed the yarn and saw that some folks found it splitty (the bamboo factor I'm guessing).  Since splitty would drive me mad, I thought I'd look about for a similar weight yarn that's non-splitty.  Maybe something with silk :)  Bamboo Soft is gauge 23 sts x 30 rows.  Any ideas?  Has anyone used Bamboo Soft and found it ok?  My local store doesn't have it so I can't touch it.

Back to work, my week ends Sunday night (fingers crossed)!