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Mia-sky Ok, time to fess up.  My Drops sweater is all done with the knitting.  I only have one more sleeve to set in and buttons to buy and sew on.  See it hanging over the back of my chair?  Didn't do it today.  Just didn't.  I did my alarmingly huge pile of laundry instead.  I also ordered watch batteries for all my dead watches from the most efficient online battery purveyor ever.  Honestly, they've already shipped my order.  So not like my Knitpicks order (still pending, sigh)…

Scone-and-sweater Are you asking why I'm suddenly fixing all the watches I bought at the $10 store over the years?  Because crew is now required to wear watches.  'Kay.  I can accessorize!  Plus I wear one anyway (only at work though – not in civilian life).  I was feeling environmentally guilty for not fixing my cheapo watches, hence the ordering of very reasonably priced watch batteries from Battery Bob.  Battery Bob is in Miami so I'm tossing up a picture of downtown Miami taken from my layover hotel room just last week.  Florida has good cloud formations.

This post is turning into a six degrees of Kevin Bacon isn't it?

OK, enough informative insight into the minutiae of my life.  Lets talk food.  I came upon a Raspberry Drop Scone recipe over at Everybody Likes Sandwiches.  It's whole wheat and easy.  I've had raspberries in the freezer wanting to be sconed up, so I made this up in about 10 minutes.  They are freaking delish.  Run, don't walk to the baking room!

Tomorrow I'll finish that sweater.  Pinky swear.

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  1. I made scones today when the girls came over to knit. Used dried sour cherries. Mmm.
    DD bought a watch because she’s awful at keeping track of time. It died. She went back to the store and the guy changed the battery. It died. This happens every time she buys a watch. We’re beginning to think she is generating too much current.
    So, do you all calibrate your time pieces?

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