Dropping into spring


I'm calling this a spring sweater, even though it's made of wool.  Deep V-neck and 3/4 sleeves are not depth of winter features. This is my Drops 113-33 a nice free pattern from the nice Garnstudio website.  Go ahead and poke around, they've got lots of cute ideas.

The yarn I used for here was some Lana Grossa Merino Big wool that I'd had in the stash.  This is a lovely sproingy wool and knits up super soft.  I'm glad I've got even more in the stash. <hee>  The color is a true vibrant turquoise that will hopefully wear will with denim and springy prints.  I had 10 skeins of Merino Big (1300 yards) which sounded like alot, but I didn't end up having enough wool to make long sleeves.  I gingerly knit up the sleeves with the remaining hanks, knitting both sleeves simultaneously to make sure they'd be the same length.  I had to guesstimate how much yarn to reserve for sleeve caps and I've got about 10ish yards remaining.  Not too bad with the guessing.Drops-close

The pattern calls for knitting the body in one piece up to the armholes and I couldn't think of any reason not to do that.  I did monkey with the body length a bit (I made it longer) and ended up with one buttonhole above the V-point closure.  I briefly thought of sewing it up, but it's a one stitch buttonhole and not too noticeable.  I'm going to ignore it and it'll go away.  That works for many things in life.

I even liked knitting up the lacy bits!  I know!  Perhaps there's more lace in my future.