V2787 I really really want to make Vogue 2787, a reissued vintage pattern from 1948.  I've even got two kinds of polka dot material from which to choose.  The front runner is some cotton (?) voile in a dusky lavender with medium white dots.  The other choice is a pretty navy crepe with tiny white dots.  I'm leaning toward the purpley material myself and definitely want dots.006

So why don't I just get on with it and make it already.  Time, of course.  My days off are in short supply for the next few weeks.  Spring fever will have to wait.

Why the sudden interest in 40s dresses?  Netflix!  They've got some fab noir movies available and I've watched The Maltese Falcon (1941) and Murder, My Sweet (1944) in the past few weeks.  Can you believe those costumes!  Love!  I may just have to watch The Big Sleep (1946) to push me over the edge.

Now if only Netflix can call my job to give me more days off!