Baby got front


No, I'm not worried about the swine flu.

Yes, I watched North and South on Debra in Seattle's recommendation, and she's one smart cookie.  That was an awesome miniseries (available on Netflixinstantly btw).  Note to self:  Listen to Debra.

No, I did not buy that hank of sock yarn at Stash for myself.  It was a prize for my sister's upcoming MS Ride Raffle.  It's really the least I can do, considering she does all the work and I am disgustingly healthy.  If you've got a fibery donation, email her.  She's nice.

Yes, I did finish the front of Ripple and it's not a turtle neck :)  We had a successful ripping and sorted ourselves out rather well.

No, sleeves don't knit themselves, I started a sleeve today.  Must have sleeves.

Off to bed, I arise at 2:40 a.m. for work tomorrow.  Where's my wineglass???

Neck trouble


After finishing one side of the front piece of my rejiggered and recalculated pattern for Ripple, the wool years, I pinned it to the back piece and decided that my sweater's neckline would be perfect for some Texas cult-wear, or perhaps puritannical reproduction clothing.

As I have not, as yet, joined in either activity I decided to rip down to a reasonable neckline starting point (see pictured safety pin) and pretend the pictured version never happened.  If you don't tell, neither will I.  Pinky swear.

Hot Ripple


Damn it's hot!  So I knit with wool.  No so smart-ski.

I've been knitting away on Wooly Ripple and have finished the back and about half of the front.  I'd be knitting on it now, but I'm just sitting here sweating glowing, and can't face it 'til sundown.

My wool is Elann Peruvian Highland Sport and my gauge is a few stitches off the gauge called for in the pattern.  When I rewrote the pattern for my gauge, I also took the opportunity to add a good inch to the body length.  I find that I'm always wanting my shirts to be a smidge longer.  No ass cracks here please.

I'm off to work tomorrow and arising at 2:45 am (so not a typo, sadly), and I'm off to bed at 7 pm.  Ah, the glamour.

Sunshine and lemons


It was 85 degrees (29 C) here today!  I know!  It's supposed to get even warmer the next few days too.  Yikes!

My friend's meyer lemon tree has already started going crazy with the fruit production.  Yesterday (when it was 10 degrees cooler) I made my fave lemon cake.  This recipe uses lots of lemons and is delicious, which are two big plusses in my book.  The recipe is via The Food Network from The Barefoot Contessa and free, so make a note those of you lemon tree owners.

Stay cool.

Well that was fun


Ok, last week was a bear.  But I've been home for a day and got some sleep and new yarn!

The Elann Peruvian Highland Sportwas waiting for me when I got home the other day.  I bought it unseen and unfelt which is always a bit of a crapshoot (remember the debacle of the Shine?), and started swatching.  I got a nice fabric on US 3s but had to recalculate the Ripple pattern because my gauge is a bit smaller than written.  No worries, I'm good at math and own a calculator.

I much prefer knitting with this wool than the cotton blend I'd previously selected.  So much so, that I'm thinking this Highland Sport would make a nice choice for a fair isle sweater.  That would mean I'd have to finish the worsted weight fair isle cardie I started ages ago (and I still pick up occasionally thanks), but the idea seed has been planted.

This color is called malt heather and is a reddish based warm beige.  It's rather pretty and warm in person.  When I recalculated the pattern, I used shaping to fit me (rather than the straight up and down-ness that is not me) and may have created too drastic a curve from hip to waist.  I think if the curve should be too much, I can fit it to me during the sewing up process and cut off the seam bits that are too curved after reinforcing with the machine.  More plastic surgery than steek, if you follow.  That's why wool is my friend.

Now back to knitting and Wives and Daughters on Netflix instant watch.

Stanza and spumoni


I have lots of knitting time today.  I am on a 32 hour layover <sigh>.  Imagine all the cities in the world.  Ok, now pick one you'd like to be in for 32 hours.  Did you pick Columbus, OH?  Yup, me neither, but here I am.  Nothing against Columbus, but even you natives have to admit a hotspot it's not.

OK, now back to knitting.  I managed to finish one spumoni colored Primavera sock and cast on for the next one.  Claudia and Carolyn are both making the same sock, but our versions look a bit different because we're all using different needles sizes.  As you can see, my version is rather blotchy.  I think it looks fine, but I'm guessing this is a colorway of limited appeal.  I like that it's bright and happy and dessert looking.  Any excuse for dessert!

If you need me, I'll be in Columbus…

Not so much with the Shiny


I finally did get my Knitpicks order and was able to start swatching up my Ripple.  The Shine Sport yarn is fine, but I just didn't like knitting with it.  The cotton/modal blend is smooth and soft, but there is no spring to the fiber.  Now that isn't really too unusual in a cotton yarn, but my main objection was I just didn't like the look of the knitted piece.  Clearly it was a problem with the synthesis of me and the yarn.

So I packed it up and returned the lot (minus the swatched skein of course) and ordered some Elann sport weight wool as I think I'd prefer knitting with a yarn with more spring.  I'll get to swatching that up next week when I finally have some quality time off…

Spumoni Sock



Typepad has eaten this post twice.  I've grown weary and this post has grown much shorter.

I've begun Primavera sock for the mini sock-along that Claudia, Carolyn and I have undertaken.  I love this bright, slightly obnoxious yarn.  It reminds me of spumoni or asian pasteries.  I love both.

The yarn is pooling viciously and I don't even mind that.  It looks like ribbons of frosting or candy or something yummy.  The Primavera pattern is so easy to memorize it's a perfect take along project.  Maybe you should make some too!

Black Cherry fun


I’ve never been a lace knitter, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t bought laceweight yarn in some weak moments.

I’ve had this mass of cormo laceweight sitting around for years.  I’ve tried knitting it up in various patterns, but none have really caught my fancy.  I finally decided that the soft pink wasn’t working for me anymore.  I wanted something more vibrant so I scooped up the Koolaid and off I went to the microwave.

I used about six envelopes of Black Cherry Koolaid and it worked out ok.  There are still bits that are pink but it’s mostly all a nice yummy red.  I’m not going to sweat the quirks, it’s “handmade” afterall.

Now I’ll have to find a lace pattern I like.  Unless my Knitpicks order finally arrives and I can start my Ripple sweater.  Where is that yarn?!?!