Black Cherry fun


I’ve never been a lace knitter, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t bought laceweight yarn in some weak moments.

I’ve had this mass of cormo laceweight sitting around for years.  I’ve tried knitting it up in various patterns, but none have really caught my fancy.  I finally decided that the soft pink wasn’t working for me anymore.  I wanted something more vibrant so I scooped up the Koolaid and off I went to the microwave.

I used about six envelopes of Black Cherry Koolaid and it worked out ok.  There are still bits that are pink but it’s mostly all a nice yummy red.  I’m not going to sweat the quirks, it’s “handmade” afterall.

Now I’ll have to find a lace pattern I like.  Unless my Knitpicks order finally arrives and I can start my Ripple sweater.  Where is that yarn?!?!


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  1. Okay, is Ripple an A-line? Ish?
    Love black cherry. Are you envisioning a triangular shawl, Faroese, half circle, square, rectangle, ??? That cormo is heaps of yards, isn’t it?
    Do you want something with strong positive-negative space, lace with distinct motifs (like leaves), or an allover “lacy” look?
    How do you feel about k3tog? Do you prefer to be able to purl back on every other row or do you want lace every row?
    Does it need to be simple and repetitive enough that it is portable, or is this a long-term project to work on when you’re home between flights and can sit and concentrate on a complex pattern?

  2. You could always knit the whisper Cardi from the newest IK. It’s knit in lace weight and would look really cute over some of the cut little dresses you’ve made.

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