Spumoni Sock



Typepad has eaten this post twice.  I've grown weary and this post has grown much shorter.

I've begun Primavera sock for the mini sock-along that Claudia, Carolyn and I have undertaken.  I love this bright, slightly obnoxious yarn.  It reminds me of spumoni or asian pasteries.  I love both.

The yarn is pooling viciously and I don't even mind that.  It looks like ribbons of frosting or candy or something yummy.  The Primavera pattern is so easy to memorize it's a perfect take along project.  Maybe you should make some too!


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  1. I like the large pools, actually. It will be interesting to see what happens later. What’s the length of the color period? Sure is bright!

  2. Loving the sock…I am also doing the Primavera pattern on your suggestion but I am fighting with the M1s. Are you doing the right leaning and left leaning option?

  3. Hi – Your Primavera link isn’t working (at least not for me). I get an “Access Denied” message even though I’m logged in to Ravelry.

  4. Wow that yarn really does look like the colours of sponge roll cakes in the Hong Kong-style bakeries.
    I am already thinking when I can make another pair of Primavera socks, as I was so happy with the first pair.
    Lisa in Toronto

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