Stanza and spumoni


I have lots of knitting time today.  I am on a 32 hour layover <sigh>.  Imagine all the cities in the world.  Ok, now pick one you'd like to be in for 32 hours.  Did you pick Columbus, OH?  Yup, me neither, but here I am.  Nothing against Columbus, but even you natives have to admit a hotspot it's not.

OK, now back to knitting.  I managed to finish one spumoni colored Primavera sock and cast on for the next one.  Claudia and Carolyn are both making the same sock, but our versions look a bit different because we're all using different needles sizes.  As you can see, my version is rather blotchy.  I think it looks fine, but I'm guessing this is a colorway of limited appeal.  I like that it's bright and happy and dessert looking.  Any excuse for dessert!

If you need me, I'll be in Columbus…


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  1. There are many excellent yarn stores in Columbus–The Yarn Shop in the Kenny Center Mall bailed me out of a knitting emergency a few years ago. And it’s located in a shopping center with a Penzey’s spice store. If you have time and transportation, I recommend it.
    There are also many many fabulous places to eat downtown. Good wine bars, fabulous sausage, or just about anything else you could wish for.

  2. OHH and Knitters Mercantile, my fave when I’m in Columbus! Wonder knit is also a cute little spot! And I agree with SpindleRose, many good places to eat, if you have transportation..if not you could almost walk to my Aunt and Uncles, they live only a few minutes from the airport!
    I rather like Columbus, it’s more exciting than Cleveland!

  3. The colorway for this sock reminds me of rainbow sherbet. I must admit, it’s very Easter-eggy and seems appropriate for this time of year. Happy knitting!

  4. Do you need a passport to get into Ohio? Don’t drink the water and don’t to any strangers!
    That sock is a great reminder of how teensy your feet are.

  5. Too bad you couldn’t choose to be stuck in Columbus in June during TNNA. I would find a way to sneak you in. Also, next time you’re stuck there, find Jenni’s ice cream in the marketplace near the convention center. Absolutely amazing!

  6. I can’t decide if that colour is awesome or very offensive. I’m leaning towards awesome at the moment. Good luck with the lay-over.

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