Well that was fun


Ok, last week was a bear.  But I've been home for a day and got some sleep and new yarn!

The Elann Peruvian Highland Sportwas waiting for me when I got home the other day.  I bought it unseen and unfelt which is always a bit of a crapshoot (remember the debacle of the Shine?), and started swatching.  I got a nice fabric on US 3s but had to recalculate the Ripple pattern because my gauge is a bit smaller than written.  No worries, I'm good at math and own a calculator.

I much prefer knitting with this wool than the cotton blend I'd previously selected.  So much so, that I'm thinking this Highland Sport would make a nice choice for a fair isle sweater.  That would mean I'd have to finish the worsted weight fair isle cardie I started ages ago (and I still pick up occasionally thanks), but the idea seed has been planted.

This color is called malt heather and is a reddish based warm beige.  It's rather pretty and warm in person.  When I recalculated the pattern, I used shaping to fit me (rather than the straight up and down-ness that is not me) and may have created too drastic a curve from hip to waist.  I think if the curve should be too much, I can fit it to me during the sewing up process and cut off the seam bits that are too curved after reinforcing with the machine.  More plastic surgery than steek, if you follow.  That's why wool is my friend.

Now back to knitting and Wives and Daughters on Netflix instant watch.


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  1. Sounds like a good plan to me.
    I love how you’re zero drama with the knitting. So many knitters are afraid to do the math and rework a pattern or try to make a huge thing out of something simple and straightforward. Just another reason you are the Fabulous Sil.

  2. Sil,
    long time reader coming forth to tell you if you like “Wives and Daughters” you will love “North and South.” It is a favorite in our house. Mr. Thorton is dreamy.
    Debra in Seattle

  3. Hi Sylvia…long time reader. I came across this video this a.m. of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant making the most of a multi-flight day, and thought of you:

  4. Sylvia, I have to thank you for pointing out “Wives and Daughters”. What a beautiful series! I’d never heard of Elizabeth Gaskell before and now I can explore her other writings. Sounds like a case of another woman getting a lack of attention from scholars.

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