Hot Ripple


Damn it's hot!  So I knit with wool.  No so smart-ski.

I've been knitting away on Wooly Ripple and have finished the back and about half of the front.  I'd be knitting on it now, but I'm just sitting here sweating glowing, and can't face it 'til sundown.

My wool is Elann Peruvian Highland Sport and my gauge is a few stitches off the gauge called for in the pattern.  When I rewrote the pattern for my gauge, I also took the opportunity to add a good inch to the body length.  I find that I'm always wanting my shirts to be a smidge longer.  No ass cracks here please.

I'm off to work tomorrow and arising at 2:45 am (so not a typo, sadly), and I'm off to bed at 7 pm.  Ah, the glamour.

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  1. I was JUST looking at that pattern in Nectar only a minute ago. How funny!
    I very nearly was silly enough to start casting on for a bulky 50/50 wool/alpaca cardigan. Then I came to my senses. I think I’ll be waiting until later in the year to knit that one.

  2. It should be much cooler by the time you come home, Sil. I’m counting on rain and temps in the 60s for the weekend.
    Knitting looks good. A little crazy with our weather, but good.

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