Neck trouble


After finishing one side of the front piece of my rejiggered and recalculated pattern for Ripple, the wool years, I pinned it to the back piece and decided that my sweater's neckline would be perfect for some Texas cult-wear, or perhaps puritannical reproduction clothing.

As I have not, as yet, joined in either activity I decided to rip down to a reasonable neckline starting point (see pictured safety pin) and pretend the pictured version never happened.  If you don't tell, neither will I.  Pinky swear.


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  1. Hmm…fundamental mormonism? Your bridal cardigan, the sexy one? Very befitting of one who marries on as fifth wife?

  2. I see nothing. No problems here… 🙂
    Unless that is you are me, trying to knit a lace-ish stole for a wedding that is in approximately 25 days. SIGH. Never said smart resided here 🙂

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