Baby got front


No, I'm not worried about the swine flu.

Yes, I watched North and South on Debra in Seattle's recommendation, and she's one smart cookie.  That was an awesome miniseries (available on Netflixinstantly btw).  Note to self:  Listen to Debra.

No, I did not buy that hank of sock yarn at Stash for myself.  It was a prize for my sister's upcoming MS Ride Raffle.  It's really the least I can do, considering she does all the work and I am disgustingly healthy.  If you've got a fibery donation, email her.  She's nice.

Yes, I did finish the front of Ripple and it's not a turtle neck :)  We had a successful ripping and sorted ourselves out rather well.

No, sleeves don't knit themselves, I started a sleeve today.  Must have sleeves.

Off to bed, I arise at 2:40 a.m. for work tomorrow.  Where's my wineglass???

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  1. Sil,
    I wish you could convince my husband of the “Listen to Debra.” 🙂 Wouldn’t that make life easier…..
    OK, my next recommendation to you is the Canadian TV series that ran for 3 seasons of 6 episodes each, “Slings and Arrows.” If you like theatre this one is particularly funny. It is well done and a favorite in our household.
    By the way one of our must go to moments in “North and South” is the “Look back” moment with Mr. Thornton. That will squeese your heart and make you cry please…

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