Fronts of Yella


I'm knitting away on the fronts of my improvised Yella Cardigan.  I decided on stockinette instead of a lacy pattern, it just seemed to work better with this yarn.

The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and I love this yarn.  I'm getting a nice fabric with a bit of drape, which is rather important as I'm planning on this cardigan having some blousoning (hello 80s).  I remembered back to all my semesters of patternmaking and added body length to cover the blouson effect.  The added length makes the front pieces look too long and skinny, so I'm hoping I calculated correctly and won't have to rip it out.

This project is going rather quickly, so I began perusing the Ravelry pattern section to see what I could see.  I loved working with the Elann Peruvian Highland Sport on my last project (Ripple) so I was leaning toward another sportweight sweater.  I found Simple Cardigan (rav link here) by Sue McCain and thought it would be a good project to kick around the old brain box.  Doesn't it look like a sweater you could wear everyday and everywhere?

I also thought Ankara from Berroco (rav link here) was really interesting.  I could just see myself in that sweater with odd angles and a cute pair of linen trousers.  Just sayin'.

And for those that need a bit of a happy jumpstart, I saw a newstory at my sister's gym today about a triathelete nun – who's also 79.  That got me peddling faster baby. 

Good times everyone!  Plus go donate a bit o'$$ to my sister's 100 mile MS Fundraiser Ride.


Hotel room view


Today's layover eyecandy is from Pittsburgh.  Here's my view of the river (over those office buildings) from my downtown hotel.  Have a great long weekend (for worker bee me)…

Quirky Baltimore sightings

Bwi mosaic

It's a cold, blustery day on my layover in Baltimore (hey it's 90 at my house!) but I grabbed my wee camera and strolled around the harbor area and Little Italy.  I indulged in my love of back alley strolling and found some fun color on my walk.

Enjoy the view!

Holy crap, something’s done


I finished my Ripple and I liked it so much, I've already worn it.  I know!  Unfortunately all the pictures I took of the finished product look like ass so, pretend you can see these pictures and I'll work some overtime to pay for a new digital camera.

Details of the project:  yarn is Elann Peruvian Highland Sport (8 skeins) in colorway malt heather; pattern is Ripple by Kim Hargreaves in the Nectar book.  I did rewrite the pattern for my sport weight yarn and kind of had to guesstimate the proportions to the original because in the Rowan tradition of schematic technical drawings, the schematics in the pattern were minimal at best.  I think I did good enough.

I like this sweater and love the Elann Peruvian Highland Sport.  This yarn was super fun to work with and can't wait to find a project inorder to buy some more.  But we'll worry about that another day.

More lemony fun


My friend's meyer lemon tree seems to be hitting the warp drive of fruit production, so more lemony baking is underway.

Today I decided to try a Light Lemon Bundt Cake recipe from Cooks Illustrated.  I was bit leery of the "light" part, because cake should be delicious – not light.  But try I did.

I made a couple of changes, the recipe calls for whole milk and I used fat free cream and a dollop of non fat milk; I used 5 egg yolks instead of 3 because I messed up while separating eggs and figured two more yolks wouldn't hurt a thing.  The big change I made was making lemon syrup to pour over the hot cake.  The recipe doesn't have you do that, but it's really the best.

Verdict:  delicious!  This is a lighter, more sponge-type cake than my standard lemon cake recipe, maybe because there's a stick less butter in there.  The added lemon syrup really makes it lemony and lovely.  I shall certainly make another (because I have dozens more lemons in the fridge).

Download Light Lemon Bundt Cake

Flying sleeves


I'm going to need you to cut me some slack here folks.  I've flown back and forth across the country 8 times in the past week and a half, so all I've got is a sleeve.  It's a nice sleeve.

Thankfully we've avoided (hopefully) a flu pandemic as that would clearly have put me on the dole (at best).  And maybe some people who are hypochondriacal (word?) should not fly on airplanes during a health scare.  And maybe it's funny (mean funny) when crew fake cough around the few passengers who wear face masks.  Not that I would.  Apparently those masks aren't too comfy as they come off about 1 hour into the flight, btw.

Next up, I'm trying to summon up some sewing mojo.  I really want to sew, but I wear a uniform or gym clothes 90% of the time.  The uniform is mandatory but the gym clothes are just super comfy.  Plus they're a nice transition to jammies.  Sewing dresses is what I'm thinking of.  Practicality be damned.  I shall peruse patterns. Stay tuned.