Flying sleeves


I'm going to need you to cut me some slack here folks.  I've flown back and forth across the country 8 times in the past week and a half, so all I've got is a sleeve.  It's a nice sleeve.

Thankfully we've avoided (hopefully) a flu pandemic as that would clearly have put me on the dole (at best).  And maybe some people who are hypochondriacal (word?) should not fly on airplanes during a health scare.  And maybe it's funny (mean funny) when crew fake cough around the few passengers who wear face masks.  Not that I would.  Apparently those masks aren't too comfy as they come off about 1 hour into the flight, btw.

Next up, I'm trying to summon up some sewing mojo.  I really want to sew, but I wear a uniform or gym clothes 90% of the time.  The uniform is mandatory but the gym clothes are just super comfy.  Plus they're a nice transition to jammies.  Sewing dresses is what I'm thinking of.  Practicality be damned.  I shall peruse patterns. Stay tuned.


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  1. i totally had an attack of the swine flu at BWI on sunday, ha ha ha, or so everyone around me thought!
    just started uncontrollably coughing which made my face turn bright red and i got all hot and i just kept thinking how if i was in an asia airport right then they would have sent me through one of the temperature screeners and i would have registered with a fever all caused by a 12 second coughing fit!!!

  2. Starve a pig, feed a fever! Flying with a face mask on? Some people are just so full of themselves. A few parents at my kid’s school in the east bay have INSISTED school release the names of any child who called in or went home sick. Fortunately they did not prevail. Some people are crazy!

  3. Some slack has been cut (nice flowers, by the way) because eight times cross-country?!?! As someone with a rubbish immune system who eyes anyone coughing with suspicion, the fake-cough would amuse me!

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