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My friend's meyer lemon tree seems to be hitting the warp drive of fruit production, so more lemony baking is underway.

Today I decided to try a Light Lemon Bundt Cake recipe from Cooks Illustrated.  I was bit leery of the "light" part, because cake should be delicious – not light.  But try I did.

I made a couple of changes, the recipe calls for whole milk and I used fat free cream and a dollop of non fat milk; I used 5 egg yolks instead of 3 because I messed up while separating eggs and figured two more yolks wouldn't hurt a thing.  The big change I made was making lemon syrup to pour over the hot cake.  The recipe doesn't have you do that, but it's really the best.

Verdict:  delicious!  This is a lighter, more sponge-type cake than my standard lemon cake recipe, maybe because there's a stick less butter in there.  The added lemon syrup really makes it lemony and lovely.  I shall certainly make another (because I have dozens more lemons in the fridge).

Download Light Lemon Bundt Cake


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  1. What is fat free cream?
    DD and I shared a lemon biscotti cheesecake at Red Rock coffee yesterday. It was to die for. I will try to find out who makes their baked goods. I am also going to have to see if I can figure out the recipe because I am CRAVING the stuff. It wasn’t terribly sweet but the meyer lemony aspect was intense. Three inches across, round, about 1.5 inches thick. Crust was a layer of crushed biscotti. An inch of cream cheese with spectacular lemon flavor, pretty dense but tender and not sweet but not sour. Topping was a layer, um, a bit thicker than 1/8″, of a classic lemon meringue pie lemon filling but not quivery and not too sweet, definitely some gelatin in there. A few narrow streaks of pale yellow icing broke up the mirror quality of the topping and gave the cheesecake flair.
    And yes, I’m still on the diet, but I dropped over five pounds last week and it was LEMON cheesecake. I’m not that virtuous!

  2. Oh man, every time you make something lemony my mouth (literally!) starts watering. I am a total sucker for anything lemon, and here in the great PNW, lemons don’t exactly grow on trees……if you get my drift! 🙂

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