Fronts of Yella


I'm knitting away on the fronts of my improvised Yella Cardigan.  I decided on stockinette instead of a lacy pattern, it just seemed to work better with this yarn.

The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and I love this yarn.  I'm getting a nice fabric with a bit of drape, which is rather important as I'm planning on this cardigan having some blousoning (hello 80s).  I remembered back to all my semesters of patternmaking and added body length to cover the blouson effect.  The added length makes the front pieces look too long and skinny, so I'm hoping I calculated correctly and won't have to rip it out.

This project is going rather quickly, so I began perusing the Ravelry pattern section to see what I could see.  I loved working with the Elann Peruvian Highland Sport on my last project (Ripple) so I was leaning toward another sportweight sweater.  I found Simple Cardigan (rav link here) by Sue McCain and thought it would be a good project to kick around the old brain box.  Doesn't it look like a sweater you could wear everyday and everywhere?

I also thought Ankara from Berroco (rav link here) was really interesting.  I could just see myself in that sweater with odd angles and a cute pair of linen trousers.  Just sayin'.

And for those that need a bit of a happy jumpstart, I saw a newstory at my sister's gym today about a triathelete nun – who's also 79.  That got me peddling faster baby. 

Good times everyone!  Plus go donate a bit o'$$ to my sister's 100 mile MS Fundraiser Ride.


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  1. That Simple Cardigan is JUST my cup o’ tea! Thanks for the link, and how ironic the designer is right down the road from me. (well, 80 miles or so, but still)

  2. OK, I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve worked this one up so far….can’t wait to see the FO. Not that I would, er, admit to remembering the 80’s (ahem), but your pattern is FAR too stylish to be compared to that decade….

  3. Ankara is … interesting (as my mum would say!).
    I’ve heard rave reviews of the Silky Wool and I’m now wondering if I can get my sweaty little hands on a skein or two… hmm… (off to Ravelry then!). That yellow is very yellow – but you knew that, right?

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