Linkitty blinkitty

I think I'll have a FO ready soon, but until then I've got some links.

Did you know the Whitehouse has a flickr photostream?  Me either.

I made this pizza at my sister's the other day.  It was delicious (I used Trader Joe's pizza dough and presliced fresh crimini mushrooms).  Have you donated to my sister's MS Ride yet?  Please do, great cause and wonderful prizes!

I am sewing up Simplicity 2591 (view B) and I am hopeful.  See, you never get to witness the misses.  There have been a few, but I don't share those.

There is a new volume from the Twist Collective up and I rather like Bernhardt.

And if you want to get misty, check out this amazing girl.  I know!

Have a beautiful day, friends!


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  1. That is really an inspiring story. Some people rise above their bad luck, and some people can never do so. That’s one of life’s greatest mysteries to me, why the difference.

  2. I bookmarked the Danielle’s story. Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself I vow to re-read her story. Bernhardt is awesome and just right for around here these days. Crazy California Weather!

  3. One more time, I am surprised on how similar our tastes are. I wanted very badly to sew that dress, but I am close to 60 so there is no way I can pull it off (or on. really).

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