I made a pretty easy summer dress the other day.  It's Simplicity 2591 (view B) made with cotton seersucker in red and white.

The pattern is pretty easy, just a princess line bodice with a bit of gathering at the front and back skirt.  There's a pretty nifty pocket incorporated into the bodice and who doesn't like a pocket at the ready?

My favorite part of the pattern is the side bodice piece is cut on the bias making a subtle contrast to the straight grain front panel. Those kinds of details make me squeal.  Other than taking the top in under the arms to make sure I didn't get the unsightly boob showing gappage, I made no other mods.

I did find that after sewing up and pressing the seersucker, it was too crisp and flat looking.  I wanted my seer to sucker, as it were, so I promptly washed the dress and my sucker was back.  Am I right in thinking seersucker should look a bit "lived in at the beach" or "just took a nap under a tree"?  Both sound good today.


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  1. Oh man, so awesome! Which sweater will you wear with it in inclement weather. You need a real sweet sweater like from ‘Feminin Knits’!

  2. Yes, lived in, unless it’s a man’s sport coat, in which case I press with a thick flannel press cloth to preserve some of the texture.
    Love seersucker. It’s really fun to weave.
    Your dress looks perfect. Fit, color, style. You are so good!

  3. Your dress looks sooo cute. It makes me wish I sewed. I know how, but I lack the imagination to match fabric, pattern and my body to produce a nice looking outfit.

  4. Lovely dress – very Stepford Housewives 😉
    You are right about seersucker – it should not be pressed to within an inch of it’s life but have a lived-in look.

  5. I’m glad to know that the sucker comes back in when you wash. I’ve always been worried about how to press it without losing the texture.

  6. Your seer should definitely sucker. That’s what it’s all about. That looks so cute on you!!!!! I really wish I were not allergic to the sewing machine. I have a few pieces of clothing that are just perfect for me, but they are nowhere to be found again — I’d so much like to have the talent to recreate them.

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