Only 1 1/2 hours


Since this is my weekend, I thought I'd start a small project while my laundry is washing and drying.  (Glamour where are you?)

I remembered I'd bookmarked a little wrist purse that I saw on AmyP's site several months ago.  The Grab Bag pattern is here via  Now I don't quilt and their site has some obnoxious popups, but there seems to be good information there.  I'm still not going to quilt however.  Nope, not gonna.

You print out the pattern, tape it together and cut out the purse pieces.  I used home dec fabric that was laying about so I didn't need batting.  You can also use quilting cotton with batting for body btw.  After cutting this out, it only took about 1 1/2 hours to sew this up.  That's a pretty darn quick project.

Now I carry a big black leather designer handbag and will probably never carry a bag I make, but I thought this would be a good knitting project carrier.  I shoved my current sock project into it and it works great.  Just the right size and rather nicer than the ziploc bag I usually use.  Happy weekend!


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  1. Wonder how my old turn-the-handle sewing machine would handle this? I’m not a sewer but I might have to try. Thanks for the PDF link!

  2. It’s a good little bag, isn’t it? I used it as a small handbag inside a larger travel bag when I went on holiday and it worked well.
    I love the dotty print you chose!

  3. I’ve made some which are more squarish and no so roomy. This one is cute! Gotta to check it out. Why no to quilting? As you said, summer where you are is chilly, it’s handy to have a lap quilt.

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