Who’s a good Yella Cardie


I progress, but ever so slowly, on my Yella Cardie.  After knitting the first sleeve I realized it was way wrong and ripped it out.  I recalculated using my REAL arm measurements, and lo and behold, we have a sleeve that fits.

I sewed up the sleeve on one side to check fit.  It seems to fit ok, but I soon will have to decide about finishing the neck edge and center front.  I calculated for a front band about 1 to 1.5 inches, but I think a rolled edge at the neck would be fun.  Maybe I'll have to do a regular old 2×2 rib band to get the thing to close without the side seams falling in the princess seam area.

I've not been putting in the time on the knitting because the sewing bug has bitten.  I started another sundress and will hopefully have that done before too long.  No sneak peeks available, but think poppies.

P.S. Amy's Indian Samosa Wraps are super delicious (guess what I had for lunch?).


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