Not the brightest bulb in the shed


What's that you say?  You think these socks are a tad over the top colorwise?  Well get used to it chicas because Claudia, Carolyn and I are all making these exact same socks with this exact same eye popping colorway.

I finished mine first, but who's counting (me).  I win nothing other than warm wool socks when it's 95 degrees at my house, so the "winning" is in the eye of the beholder.

What manner of sock is this you ask?  This is the Primavera Sock Pattern (Rav link and free!) made with some Aussi Sock in a random colorway purchased at NYS&W (I think).  The yarn is quite nice, the pattern is good and easy.  I did not make any mods, and actually made a HEEL FLAP instead of the customary short row heel and toe.  This particular heel flap fits me quite well, but I'll be going back to my regular heel and toe on the next sock.  Why fix what's not broken, eh?

Next up will be a sock of gorgeous Vesper Sock Yarn in the In the Wildwood colorway that my sister gave me for my birthday, lo those many months ago. I'm still auditioning patterns, so stay tuned for details.


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  1. With my sunglasses on, that colourway is pretty. Have you sewn a sun dress to match?
    I wear wool socks all year ’round. For some weird reason my feet feel cooler in wool and get icky in cotton.

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