Socks of a different color


I thought after the last pair of bright fantastic socks, I'd whip up something a bit more sedate.  Well, not too sedate – that's no fun.

I grabbed a gorgeous skein of Vesper Sock Yarn in the "In the Wildwood" colorway that Claudia gave me for my birthday.  I wanted a pattern that would highlight the pretty stripes that form when it's knit up.  It also can't be super complicated since it's a road project.

I used the pattern filter on the Ravelry and came across the Traffic Island Socks.  Cute chevron stripes and a two line stitch pattern.  Easy as pie.  I'm just using the stitch pattern and 64 stitches, we're going back to the short row heel and toes this time around.  Flaps just aren't me.


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  1. oooooh, now I lurve me this sock. Also your new background for the blog…..makes me want to do something with mine! Oh, yeah, I haven’t posted since last year….yikes.

  2. Now these socks won’t kill me. I love the new socks you are working on. Thanks for the link for the Traffic Lane socks. I may start those next!
    The new layout is tres chic, love it too! Cute socks in the previous post, but, man, are they bright. 🙂

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