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Yella Cardie (rav link) is done!  I finished her up last week, but then had six days of work before ends could be woven in and buttons sewn on.  I got that done today, just in time for a warming trend.

Yella Cardie is a drop shoulder, dolman sleeve V-neck cardie.  I know when you read those words "drop shoulder" and "dolman" you automatically think 80's.  Not so you naythinkers.

I decreased at the under arm in a pretty arc to get a comfy dolman fit, but no batwings or to make enough extra material to store nuts for the winter.  I ended up picking up the sleeves from the body and knitting down to a 3/4 sleeve length.  Easy.  Granted I did have to make those sleeves a few times before my math matched my ideas, but I got there in the end.

What I ended up with is a useful, comfy summery cardie.  And considering I live in California, I should actually get lots of use for this one.

Specs:  yarn - Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool color 30 (gold yellow); pattern is my own; buttons are wood and from Joann's.

Photo colors a bit wonky as the camera wasn't cooperating today.


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  1. Where to start? The gentle dolman works perfectly with the proportions (I was pretty worried about that). I really like the sleeve length relative to the depth of the ribbing — it’s got the suggestion of a cropped thang going yet the bottom edge totally flatters your curves. The deep vee is especially effective with the ribbing around the neck and the slightly narrow top of shoulder/bodice. Five stars. A tricky shape modified to perfection.

  2. Looks great on you — both the sweater and color. And not a hint of the 80’s in sight. I’ve got a sweater out of Silky Wool and I think it makes a lovely fabric and is very light weight for the warmth factor it provides.

  3. Shame about the lack of nut-storage – could be useful! Good job on the cardigan. How does the yarn knit up? I’ve heard some good reviews (and some almost orgasmic reviews!).

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