Summertime dressing

Poppy-dress I finally buckled down and finished the last few bits of this sundress.  I used some poppy printed cotton and New Look #6774 which has you pick the elements of the dress you want in a frankensteiny way.  I used D, J, K and L (I think).  Note: I would not recommend the curved straps for beginner sewers, as they're a bit awkward to manage.

Of course I didn't sew it up the way they wanted and to confuse matters further I used an invisible zipper which has different installation needs.  I ended up having to sew the front bodice facing in by hand, which as you know, means the dress won that particular battle.

I think it just needs a stitch at the boob crossover so I don't flash the masses, not that there's anything wrong with that…Summer sewing is kinda like potato chips, can't stop with one.


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  1. Another cute dress! Our summer is staying unusually cool so there’s not much opportunity for really summery clothes.

  2. Love the gathers. And yes, those curved straps are a pain to sew but the fit is so much better. Well worth it.
    What’s the fabric? Pretty.

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